About the Association Québécoise des spas

Association québécoise des spas

The Association québécoise des spas (AQS) was created in 2012 to engage and represent the spa industry throughout Québec.

The ministère du Tourisme du Québec recognizes the AQS as a sectoral tourism association (STA) representing the spa industry in Québec.

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What is a spa?

A spa is an establishment, a location; it is not a hot tub, whirlpool or jacuzzi.

The word “spa” comes from an ancient Roman acronym meaning “Sana Per Aquam”, “Sanitas Per Aquam” or “Sanare Per Aquam”, which translates to “health through water”.

Spa n: establishment or service included in an establishment, contributing to people’s wellness in an environment conducive to relaxation and in an ethical context, where the main activities are one or more forms of water therapy and one or several types of professional treatments, at least including massage therapy, offered in two or more treatment rooms and comprising a relaxation area dedicated to this purpose. French: spa.

*Definition according to the SPA BNQ 9700-040 standard of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec the (updated December 2014).

Mission, strategies and services


The AQS supports, represents, defends, and acts as a spokesperson for all members in the spa industry in Québec.


  • Develop a cohesion between the various players in the industry
  • Represent and defend their collective interests
  • Offer services to its members
  • Develop tools and strategies to help its members overcome various challenges.


The AQS deals with issues that affect the spa industry:

  • Research and information on the evolution and trends in the spa industry
  • Skill development
  • Advice on customer service
  • Studies and statistics relating to the spa and tourism industry
  • Surveys
  • Assistance with sustainable development measures
  • Excellence spa certification program
  • Representation of the industry at various levels of government
  • Representation on various related committees and associations.

The board of directors

Valerie Guertin

Valérie Guertin


Jardin Spa

Geneviève Emond

Geneviève Émond


Bota Bota spa-sur l'eau

jocelyna dubuc

Jocelyna Dubuc


Spa Eastman

patrick rake

Patrick Rake


Groupe Skyspa

paule charette

Paule Charette


Studio 157