Excellence Spa Certification

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Since 2018, Excellence SPA certified establishments have formed a group of independent establishments offering certified quality services. These spas establishments offer a variety of exclusive and innovative services and an opportunity to escape to the heart of the most beautiful sites for a unique experience.

Excellence spa certification is a promise of quality granted only to establishments who meet the highest industry standards in terms of professionalism, water quality, cleanliness, quality of treatments and services, and much more. All certified spas are subject to surprise quality inspections and strict quality standards that meet the highest industry standards. All our members meet these standards and offer a range of care provided by professionals with proven and recognized expertise.

Excellence spa certification encompasses six main themes:

  • Customer experience and quality of care
  • Human resources and professionalism
  • Equipment and infrastructure for our customers
  • Water quality
  • Safety and compliance
  • Respect for people and the environment

Look for the excellence SPA certification seal of quality for an experience guaranteed to meet the highest industry standards.

The excellence of our certified SPA is also demonstrated clearly in our environmental and social values. Our members take concrete actions every day to limit the resources used and to choose the best products available from local suppliers. We make decisions and take action with one goal in mind:

Taking care of your health and the environment.